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May 28, 2019

   For those who have been following us on our different social media channels or Redwolf TV, we here at Redwolf are huge proponents of offering Cerakote coating services.  As airsofters and shooters, we are requiring more and more out of the guns we own and how they can become an extension of...

July 12, 2017

    The airsoft sniper rifle can be a lot of fun to use if tuned and upgraded properly.  However, sometimes navigating the sea of possibilities when it comes to upgrading your rifle can be a rough task.  While some players may be experienced in regards to the platform, some might find the task...

June 11, 2017

**Only Related to Hong Kong local customers**

如果我係香港而又想同你地買野, 但無信用卡點算?好簡單, 跟住下面個流程就得:

  • 首先係尼度註冊個account :

  • 跟住, 搵你要既貨

  • 將所需技數量加到購物車

  • 去左手邊既購物車找數

  • 選擇’Hong Kong’作為國家, ‘Courier Mail / Self-collect’作為shipping method*

  • 付款方式選擇’Wir...

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