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April 8, 2017

 (Photo courtesy: Shepard Media 2017)

Most of us that grew up with Rainbow Six should not be unfamiliar with the name GIGN, which stands for Groupe d'intervention de la gendarmerie nationale ,  a dedicated special force in France for prevention of terrorist attacks and hostage rescue. 

Recently t...

January 14, 2017

Camouflage is very important for any operation as a good camouflage pattern shall blend you into the surround environment and stopping enemies from spotting you. The key element here is to choose the camouflage pattern that matches the elements of the surrounding.

 (Photo Courtesy: 2015 and...

January 8, 2017

Three gun is one of the most complex sports you can participate in, bringing to the table three different aspects of the same sport. In shooting, regardless of what you may be pulling the trigger on, many of the fundamentals are the same, and those fundamentals and our ability to execute them help u...

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