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June 7, 2017

You've been asking and NPO-AEG was nice enough to provide us with the guide to modify your third party AK AEG magazines to fit your NPO-AEG AK-12 AEG!

To fit other brands of standard AK AEG magazines, one will need a filing too or a dremel

1. Initially, the magazine front is filed down mildly on bot...

February 18, 2017

 (If reading is too tiring for you we also have it in Youtube format)


There are few guns that can be instantly recognized as quickly as the legendary AK after all, being the most sold gun globally must account for something.  

   However, even legends change and evolve which brings us to...

February 10, 2017

We finally got the stuff from Siberia, restocking some guns and a whole sofa of magazines.

Yep, literally a whole sofa filled with magazines for VSS, VAL, SR-3, SR-3M, 9a-91 and VSK-94.

We also have something new, something long awaited for and familiar to Battlefield 4 and Rainbow Six: Siege fans, th...

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