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June 8, 2017

 (TheFirearmBlog 2017)

Most of us probably knew the Chinese PLA and PLA Marines had the bullpup QBZ-95, QBZ-97 and the later conventional QBZ-03 for the longest time in service trial since 1995 and 2003, where rumors now point that the PLA and PLA Marine are looking for a new rifle that is a non-bull...

We announced that we would be carrying Krytac a while ago and they have finally gotten to us, almost all of them (except the bundles , the Alpha 47s and the Kriss Vector)! 

Alpha SDP

Alpha CRB

Trident Mk II PDW

Trident Mk II CRB

Trident Mk II SPR

Trident LMG-E

Licensed by WARSPORT - Warsport LVOA-S


April 6, 2017

One of the questions we got asked very often is why would one adapt HPA (High Pressure Air) to their existing AEG or GBB platform? There are indeed a few obvious benefits to converting your gun to HPA which includes:

  1. Maintenance  Cost

  2. Robust

  3. One time setup

  4. Easy to sort after power...

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