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Basic starter setup guide for airsoft Russian Special Force setup: (Spetznaz and FSB)

December 24, 2016


Russian special forces have been known for the unique style of gear used  for their operations, their setups may vary between  cities, branches and individuals, it's not exactly high speed low drag, but it is entirely different from NATO setups, hence we have decided to draw a simple setup guide for starters mainly focusing on Spetznaz setups.



When it comes to garments, Russians surely are a little lacking behind, but they have about the most varieties of camouflage patterns in the world, we couldn't list them all out, but we have a few signature ones to start with.


Gorka 3 and 4 have always been a core and iconic garment set used by Russian special forces, originally designed for mountain operations, the Gorkas are canvas made suits that have nylon reinforcements at the shoulder, elbow and knee areas,  and they often have suspenders for trousers.

The Bars Gorka 3 is a good starter for your first Gorka suit and it works really well in windy and chill weathers as it was designed for, make sure you do not use bleach when washing it, it will turn your khaki Gorka into a beige one.


Partisan SS / SS Summer camouflage is also generally used by Russian Special forces for decades, it works really well in foliage areas with the green , brown and orange-tan combination that mimics leaves and sunlight conditions.  The ANA Krot suit is a cotton based camouflage suit that is well suited for summer weather and summer foliage.






Body Armor and Tactical vests:                                                            

Each unit and each city have different issued protection gear, this could range from LBT 6094 (or similar copies), FORT Defenders, FORT Reduts, Kora Kulon (not used so much anymore, mainly in training), Gladiator, ANA M2 plate carriers, SRVV plate carriers and Korund VM / VM-K. It is noticeable that Russian plate carriers are usually bigger in size and has greater protection around the next and groin area, not exactly following the trend of high-speed -low -drag,  but they are slowly getting there.


Fort Defender was designed as a full protection vest that carries kevlar and steel plates that would stop a 7.62x39mm, neck guard and groin guard are also available as a package. Fort Redut on the other hand is an enlarged version of the Defender that provides even more protection with the possibility of attaching shoulder guards.

Kora Kulon was designed in the late 80s for Spetznaz units with a basic protection vest that has kevlar and steel plate construction, such vest is slowly being replaced by other ballistic vests.


Examples of vest selections:

  • Defender 2 + Smersh


  • Kora Kulon + Smersh:


  • Defender 2 + Splav M32


  • Redut T5 Molle


  • ANA M2 plate carrier





Next up we would list a few iconic Russian helmets that screams out Russian when you see them and they also tend to have maximum protection to the user against BBs and sometimes mistaken as tig welding face masks:


The LsHZ-2DTM Vocano is a slightly more modern helmet design that has a night vision mount on the forehead area, accessory rail on the side and still featuring a face shield of 1cm thick nylon fibre , if any BBs get through it, it's highly likely that it was shot from a gun way above limits.


Both the Lynx and Altyn from NPOAEG would have build in coms and PTT, which eliminates the need to get extra headsets and they are in Kenwood 2 pin plugs that fits a variety of radios out there, including the most popular Baofeng UV-5R. The Fibre glass body, steel face shield and 3 mm thick nylon fibre visor provides more protection than you ever need for any kind of games.


FAST Helmets are also extremely popular amongst FSB Alpha operators and can be seen with the later issued M2 plate carriers , Gladiator plate carriers or SRVV plate carriers.



Ballistic Shields:                                                                                 

Ballistic shields are a key component to room clearing actions and the Russians surely aced at making ballistic shields that would even stop rifle rounds when entering hostile buildings:


The VANT-VM is an assault shield that is roughly 1.5 meters tall when the lower guard has been extended, weighting at 18kg, it is around 3/4 of the weight of the original one and has a visor in the front for stopping any incoming bbs. A carry harness is also included for easy carry of the item, one could also use the Stich Profi shield harness for better weight distribution,


The VANT-LM is the little brother to the VANT-VM, which is only around 1m long when the lower guard is extended, it is designed to more agile than the VANT-VM while providing sufficient protection against pistol rounds. The VANT-LM is easier to be carried in most cases due to its smaller size and more manageable weight.


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Founded in 1998, we are the first, largest and most reliable international retailer specializing in airsoft and wargame equipment.