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Product Review: PTS Mega Arms MML Maten Gas Blowback Rifle

March 30, 2017

   There has been a gun floating around the internet net since 2015 that I have been wanting to get my hands on for some time.  Its a gas blow back, its an AR 10 style, and word on the street is that it going to be a beast.  


   I am sure many of you have found some kind of info on this gun (previously known simply as the .308) on the inter webs and I am sure many of you have had a chance to talk to some people about this gun, but here is where we are going to put all the rumors to rest and look at the real thing: The PTS Mega Arms MML Maten.   


   Starting up front, you find a MEGA Arms flash hider and the ultra light mil spec M-Lok rail system.


   The middle portion of this gun is really going to be where heads start to turn!  The upper and lower receiver are iconic Mega Arms design with the upper receiver being monolithic.  The materials of the gun itself is completely aluminum with a steel bolt so expect high quality and durability out of it.  An added bonus to this is its exceptionally light for such a BIG gun.  In hand it feels about in the ball park of the (Cybergun) SCAR-H and lighter than the (VFC) SR-25 for sure.  



   The gun is a fully licensed product from MEGA Arms so you will also find the MEGA Arms logo engraved on both receivers.  On the other side of the receiver are the PTS logos and information such as caliber, model, etc. 


   In terms of gas efficiency, this gun uses the KWA system which has been known for good efficiency.  The only down side of this gun is its incredibly, ridiculously heavy mags.  Honestly, its kind of a downer, this is such a light weight gun but its hampered by such a heavy mag.  



   Accessing the hop up is as easy as pulling back the bolt, locking it back, insert the adjustment key provided, and finally rotate clock wise or counter clock wise for more or less hop. 




   I want to take a bit of time and talk about what other accessories the gun comes with.  It will come up a full set of the signature polymer front and rear sights, pistol grip, and stock from PTS.  In all honesty, aside from Magppul furniture, I think what you get here is probably going to be one of the best looking and feeling.  While looks can be deceiving, I can confirm that both the stock and the grip are very comfortable and the small texturing on the grip itself is very nice.  The stock is nice and big and gives good cheek support.  I would like to have a bit of arch in the butt pad but this works the way it is, by no means is it uncomfortable.  


    The recoil is satisfying and snappy.  I did not hold down the bolt release when I blank fired but rather held it how I would usually shoot.  That is because this gun has a switch on the magazine that allows you to disable the bolt lock so you can shoot until your heart’s content!  You can easily do this by using the small switch on the top of the magazine and pop it down to the “B” option, by moving it back up, the bolt will lock like normal.  


   A second feature you will find unique with this gun is that it has no full auto.  For a gun like this, you expect it but instead of full auto, it has a 3 round burst! 


  During the gas efficiency test we found that the magazine being fully charged with gas can shoot through one and a half magazines.  The magazine's full capacity is 35rds and can be loaded with the assistance of a loading tube provide with the gun.


   After this extensive look, what do I feel about the PTS MML Maten Gas Blowback Rifle?  Well on a whole and by itself I think its got a lot of merit.  Good recoil, good accessories, good weight even…well until you put in the magazine.  While the disabling the bolt lock feature is kind of a gimmick, its still fun to shoot your gun and feel that recoil without having to hold the bolt release.  


   Does this answer the question: Does good things come to those who wait?  If you been waiting for this gun as long as I have then its a resounding yes.  If you are not, still, give this one a look over it sure doesn’t hurt. 

Get yours here today!



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Founded in 1998, we are the first, largest and most reliable international retailer specializing in airsoft and wargame equipment.