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Product Review: VFC Robinson Armament XCR

April 14, 2017



   The Robinson Armament XCR was a not so well known entry during the old SOF Combat Assault Rifle competition headed by the United States seeking to replace the M4 and was designed back in 2004.  Like other rifles for the competition it came in different calibers such as 5.56 and .308.  The gun was an entry bid that was pitted against the likes of the FN SCAR and the ACR at the time.  


   The gun we have here is the VFC Robinson Armament XCR in grey (because grey is the new black).  This is one of those guns that I have always wanted to have a chance to talk about as its also one of those that you don't see very often.    


   Starting with the looks of the gun, you can expect the fit and finish to be spot on and sports very trendy two tone grey colors on its upper and lower receiver.  


   The markings are nice and etched in to the lower receiver with the Robinson Armament logos on one side and the letters "XCR" on the other, this is a fully licensed gun.  


   The gun, though being compact,  is not as light as you might think as it has a bit of weight to it.  Its full aluminum and features rails on on the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock up front as well as a monolithic rail up top.  


   A cool feature you will appreciate is the fire selector.  The selector is very easy to access and is at a 90 degree setting with safe being horizontal, semi at the 45 and full auto at the 90.  Being a fan of short throw selectors, I rather enjoyed this style as I have never been too big a fan of the traditional M4 selector requiring you to turn a full semi-circle to get from safe to full auto.  Sadly, controls like the selector and magazine release are not ambidextrous unlike the SCAR and ACR which this gun had to compete with.  

   The charging handle is on the side and features a large nob making it easy for you to grab it and rack it back.  Pulling back the charging handle exposes the hop up and you can adjust it here for more or less hop.  The bolt is functional and will lock to the rear making it easy to adjust the hop up and the bolt release is located on the trigger guard.  One complain about this, is when you pull back the charging handle its rather stiff and at the same time it feels flimsy, racking harder risks braking it.  




   Finally the gun has a folding stock making the package even more compact then what it already is.  While not the most comfortable stock, it works.  Compared to its main competitors, this one does lack a cheek riser and is replaces with just some foam.  There is something worth highlighting about the folding stock.  There are not hooking points on the receivers for the stock to to be locked in place neither is there any resistance in the stock preventing it from swinging out of the folded position.  


   The gun requires a PEQ box style battery and uses the Tamiya type connector.  If you don’t want to use a PEQ box style battery you can easily use a regular one and hold it in place with a rubber band it on the side.  While not the best looking option it will still serve you purpose and prevent you from adding more weight.  


   My thoughts on the Robinson Armament XCR is simple, if you are looking for a functional AEG that feels familiar but gives you just enough different features to make it feel like a “new” type of gun I would consider it.  Don’t get me wrong as I do see some short comings with this gun such as it being so small you do need a PEQ box battery (not the easiest to find at times), its does have a flimsy feeling charging handle, and the stock is not what I would call "perfect".  


   It may not be as “operator” as the SCAR and might not look at sexy/futuristic as the ACR but I think this gun is like a nice craft beer, its got its own flavor that may not appeal to the masses but for those that enjoy different tastes it could work for you.  



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Founded in 1998, we are the first, largest and most reliable international retailer specializing in airsoft and wargame equipment.