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Opinion: Is There Still A Place for Revolvers?

July 13, 2017

   The old six shooter, it brings back memories, does it not?  When growing up, every time I though of a police officer or "gun" in general for that matter the shape that was in my mind was what you saw above (well that and the shape of a 1911).  But as pistols such as the Glock, M&P, and others got more and more prolific, we are starting to see less and less of these bad boys.  Now taking it back to airsoft, is there still a place for revolvers if any at all?


   Now a days when you think of revolvers, many of us think of these HUGE hand cannons that fire huge rounds.  The image of Dirty Harry (for us older guys) or Matt from Demolition Ranch (for you young whipper snappers out there) comes to mind.  Looking back into history, these guns have always been inspiring pieces no matter if you are thinking of the old Cowboys of the wild west or soldiers from the late 19th or early 20th centuries.  As we know, the eventual "fall" of the revolver was simply due to demand.  A demand for the ability to carry more ammunition, the demand for a semi-automatic pistol, and so on and so forth.  With the introduction of the 1911 by John Browning, we started to see the shift in small arms manufacturing to what you see today.   


   In airsoft, it was Kokusai and their line of S&W revolvers that broke into the mainstream.


 Being some of the first shell loaded and grip charged gas pistols on the market, they were no doubt highly sought after.  But just like the real steel world, soon after Mr Tanio Koba from Japan developed the modern gas blow back system for pistols, the whole scene shifted.  Now the pistol landscape is dominated by recoil operated pistols.  


   History lessons aside, where do airsoft revolvers in general stand?  In all honesty, if you were to take a revolver out to a CQB game you would be categorized as either A. The Hipster or B. The Trolly Guy.  However, can there be a case made for revolvers and can they work in game?  Looking at the competition, modern green gas powered pistols such as 1911s, M&Ps, etc., have a magazine capacity of 18+ rounds and can easily be reloaded.  There are a wide array of holsters and different carriers for all the different types of pistols ranging form kydex to nylon.  Finally upgrade parts and accessories are easy to find for them.  Looking at those 3 qualifications, it seems like theres most likely no place for the humble revolver but there just might be 2 out there that could give some of these other pistols a run for their money.  


   The first revolver i am going to talk about is one made by none other than (you better believe it) Cybergun.  

   This is the Cybergun Colt Python .357.  Don't be fooled by its looks because unlike the old six shooter you are use to, this bad boy is a mini shotgun.  The gun is loaded with metal shells and each shell shoots 3 BBs at a time.  If you do the math quickly, thats 18 rounds being thrown down range!!

  Though its still has to deal with things such as slow reloads and limited carry options, this little revolver can really do some serious work if you decide to take it to a pistols only CQB game.  You might even wipe the smiles off some of your opponents.   


   The second revolver that could give other pistols a run for their money is the Elite Force H8r.  

While it comes in a budget price there are some standout features to this gun.  Being Co2 powered its going to have a good amount of FPS to it and it features rails and attachment points for you to put accessories on.  Certain companies also make kydex holsters of them.  The best thing about the H8r is the fact that the gun also has a 10rd capacity, making it able to keep up with some of the competition.  


   With these two examples in the airsoft world, the revolver is certainly holding on to relevance.  But what about the real steel world?  Well if you look at companies such as Nighthawk Custom, you will see that they just started a joint venture with KORTH revolvers from Germany and from personal experience handling those guns, they are buttery smooth and fantastically built.  If you look else where, even companies such as Colt are trying to revive their line of revolvers.  Finally there is always Smith and Wesson.  What do you guys think?  Do you think there is still a place for them, especially in airsoft?  Let me know in the comment section.  


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Founded in 1998, we are the first, largest and most reliable international retailer specializing in airsoft and wargame equipment.