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Product Review: VerTac SAP2 Front Panel

July 17, 2017


   If you have found your way here I would like to welcome you to the current year (this being 2017).  This is indeed a gear review and when talking about gear let's address the elephant in the room, modularity.  We live in a time where gear is more and more focused on the notion of high speed, low drag and you start to see more and more cross overs between the civilian market and the military/law enforcement community.  When these forces meet, sometimes, you get some rather "interesting" products but there are other times when you come across some gems.  Today we are here to discuss one of these, the Verrett's Tactical Swift Action Pannel Version 2 or SAP2 for short.  


   Let's start by talking a little bit about Verrett's Tactial, VerTac for short.  VerTac was founded by Mr. Brandon Verrett, a former Law Enforcement Office and Security Contractor for the Department of Homeland Security.  During his years of service, Brandon has received extensive training and now offers a wide variety of training as well, spanning from self defense, martial arts, and shooting.  Being so immersed in this industry and being a former officer himself, Brandon designed the SAP2 with the practical knowledge and common sense learned from his career.  



   This front panel is designed by VerTac and made by Esstac, which is based in Washington State.  The materials used are very high quality and rugged which is noticeable for the moment you touch it.  The first thing you will notice right away from this panel is exactly

how compact it is while being totally functional.  The two M4/AR magazine pouches that are place next to each other are placed so close together that you might think that they would get in the way of each other, but there is a fair amount of space in between them for easy access.  Speaking of easy access, each of the magazine pouches (pistol pouch included) all have kydex inserts for added retention.  They are indeed the Esstac KYWI pouches.  If you do not know what is so special about them, you can refer to this link here to a previous blog post where we talked about them  One of the great features of these pouches is that you can move the kydex inserts up to allow your magazines to sit slightly higher to you if that is what you want.  However, do keep in mind that the velcro they use to lock those inserts in place are, no joke, industrial strength, they do not play around.  Making adjustments are not easy but that is the beauty of them, they don't shift!   


   Moving from there you get a tourniquet pouch with bungee retention.  Now since this is an airsoft blog, there might not be much of a use for this other than it functioning as an extra pouch for your pistol mag or multi-tool.  

  However, if you so happen to be a real steel shooter as well, one could appreciate the up-front placement of it.  Having your tourniquet placed right up front where your primary weapon magazines are feels very natural as you don't have to dig around for it and its right where everything is in your workspace already.  But before I get too far ahead of myself, I must say, I am the the foremost authority when it comes to tactical medicine.  What I can say though, the retention is superb and if you are considering to throw a spare magazine in there, it will stay in place for sure.  One thing to keep in mind:  Both this tourniquet pouch and the spare magazine pouch are designed for double stack 9mm magazines.  In airsoft, it applies the same way, so as long as its not thin 1911 magazines you can fit pretty much anything in.  


   Next to these pouches is an admin/IFAK pouch.  Again, I will refer to my previous statement about not

 being all up on the latest when it comes to tactical medicine, but applying this to airsoft, milsim in particular, this is not only a great placement but gives some absolutely great function as well.  The key is imagining the usage of an admin pouch.  Usually they are threaded on to your molle webbing on your plate carrier either on the side or up front.  Either way, they are never very easy to access when it comes time to use it.  You usually need to do a bit of shifting around before you can access what you get to get to.  However, this pouch is held together with that industrial grade velcro which allows you quickly detach it if necessary and get at what you need to use.  This is great storage space for death rags, bandages, shears, batteries, speed loaders, etc.  The pouch has a pocket that is lined with a net allowing you to separate your items inside the pouch and can be opened completely to 180º.  I was slightly concerned with this ease of use at first however, after trying it out a few times, i realized that not only was the velcro enough to hold the pouch in place but the buckle provides extra hold to make sure it doesn't fall off.  There is no shift and no coming loose.  


   Finally coming to the aesthetics of the panel.  As a looks guy, I think this panel looks very handsome.  Its multicam patter is seen very clearly and how its stacked looks very robust and rugged as I have said before.  If your load out is built around a support role or a medic role, this front panel is definitely an option for you to consider.  To compliment these good looks, are its ITW QASM buckles that allow for

 you to attach it to any plate carrier that accept the MALE buckles shown on the SAP2.  This buckle system works on such a wide variety of carriers, its easily adaptable as an option to anyone's modular load out.  Additionally, you can order the SAP2 in a myriad of pattens and colors that can fit your load out, this way you won't have a piece of gear that stands out like a sore thumb.  You can see some styles available below form our online store!

   All in all, the SAP2 is a great piece of kit.  One thing that you can say about this panel is that there's not enough pouches for your magazines (only 2+2 at best) or it only takes 5.56 mags.  However, in our world of modularity we have other pieces of gear that can function as a supplementary role when it comes to our carry options (like the shooter belt, read here:  So, if you think about it, as we move further and further away from using molle webbing as the primary source of gear attachment, less and less does "not having enough space" becomes an issues as you can expand your ability to carry as you go with different options.  


   What do you think about the VerTac SAP2?  Let us know in the comment section below.  Follow the links here to check out the SAP2s currently available at our online store!



Multicam Black:

Ranger Green:



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Founded in 1998, we are the first, largest and most reliable international retailer specializing in airsoft and wargame equipment.