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Product Review: G&G Armament ARP9

July 28, 2017


  The 9mm AR.  Some love it some hate it.  Its really what you would call a “polarizing” product.  However if we look at the airsoft community, in all honesty we need a bit of diversity.  And in that spirit, G&G comes out with a product that’s got a lot of people buzzing with excitement.  The ARP9 is the latest offering from G&G.  In the looks department, it looks pretty decent.


Coming right out, I am quite a fan of the 9mm AR, especially after shooting some while I was at Shot Show this year.  Jumping into what we have today is the ARP 9 and if this gun doesn’t turn a few heads I honestly don’t know what will.  


   The first thing you will notice is the compact size and this long 9mm style magazine.  The gun

features a milspec M-Lok fore grip that is metal which completes a monolithic style upper allowing for plenty of rail space for your accessories.  The front of this gun where the muzzle break or flash hider would be is replaced by polymer amplifier that really does make this gun obnoxiously loud for an AEG (trust me, I had people in the office give me dirty looks when shooting it) If this is not your "cup of tea" you can always remove it and replace it with any other muzzle break or flash hider that is 14mm ccw threads.  The flip up sights are both metal and they work fine.  


   The upper and lower receivers are made from polymer making the overall weight of the gun very light.  The fire selector (non ambidextrous) is nice and snaps into place with a good amount of resistance unlike some other ones currently on the market.  The flat faced trigger with a hooked bottom is solid and feels comfortable but my favorite part is actually the pistol grip. I usually prefer wider pistol grips but this one is not too slim.  It has no finger grooves and doesn’t not have that annoying little bit sticking out separating your fingers as well.  There’s a bit of texture on it but does not really assist in anything, it looks cool though.  


   The charging handle is ambidextrous and you need to keep it pulled back if you want to


access the hop up which is located at the same place as all other AEGs.  The hop up wheel has a soft tactile click to it allowing for finer adjustments to your hop.  It doesn’t feel as tactile or fine as a Krytac but definitely better than others I have tried.  Coming to the rear of the gun is the collapsible PDW style stock.  Personally, I have never been too big a fan of this style of stock on a gun, however, this one is making a good case for itself.  


   For starters, its got a good length of pull and you can actually keep a good cheek on your gun even at the longest setting.  The stock has two settings, fully extended and completely retracted.  A nice little feature is that there's a small pin at the end of the buffer tube that prevents you from collapsing the stock too much.  Its spring loaded and gives resistance when you try and push it down too far. 


   For the battery compartment, there is a decent amount of space (its in the buffer tube) but you will still need to try and find a small Tamiya battery that is compact enough to fit because this gun also includes a fuse AND an in line mosfet.  To compliment this, it also has the G&G ETU allowing for great trigger response.  Getting back to the battery compartment though, you are going to want to find something a little more compact because trying to jam everything inside the buffer tube is not going to be easy.  


   Finally we come to the magazine.  Its a 9mm style high cap magazine and I do believe they will be making a mid cap soon as well as a drum mag.  The mag does fit nicely into the gun but needs a nice firm love tap to lock it in place. 


   In hand, the ARP 9 does indeed feel very light and even with the stock fully collapsed it still feels good shooting “like a pistol”. The trigger is decent, flat faced and hooked bottom, makes it easy to fire rapidly.  Response if fair and snappy on semi and on full auto it seems to just want to shred! I can also confirm, its LOUD, VERY VERY LOUD. 


   For the APR 9, it definitely brings something fresh to the table.  Its a cool gun and comes in a small form factor, small enough to be kept in your back pack!  The only really gripe I can see people having is the magazine.  What if people didn’t want to go out of their way and buy ALL NEW magazines? 


   There is actually a solution to this, the ARP 556!  Other than a small difference to the rail, its basically the SAME gun taking standard M4 magazines!!  So if you like this gun but are not sold on the 9mm pistol magazine idea there’s the 556 as well.  




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Founded in 1998, we are the first, largest and most reliable international retailer specializing in airsoft and wargame equipment.