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Technical Overview: Krytac Kriss Vector AEG

August 18, 2017


   With much hype the Krytac Kriss Vector has started to make its appearance around the world into the hands of new users.  


   After releasing a short film on RWTV previewing Vector, many have asked us for a supplementary table top review highlighting the gun’s features and compare it to the previous Gen 1 (looks only of course).    


   We will start by looking at the exterior features of the Kriss Vector.  The body of the current Vector AEG is the Gen 2 body.  There are some notable and subtle differences between the two generations.  Starting from the front.  The AEG comes with the Defiance flash hider where as the previous one did not.  However, if you want to remove it, you simply unscrew the small screw with an allen wrench and it will reveal its 14mm CCW threads.  The second design difference is the front of the gun.  The Gen 2 body no longer features an opening for a flashlight and its slightly more slanted compared the the Gen 1.  The AEG also comes with these Defiance flip up front and rear sights that are sleek and low profile. 


   Moving on to some more subtle difference between the two.  The Gen 2 body you see here is non textured and has a smoother finish compared the Gen 1.  The markings are also slightly different, as the AEG’s front marking only says “Kriss” where as on the Gen 1 it said “Kriss Vector”.  The AEG’s body does not denote its caliber in which the real gun is chambered in but the Gen 1 version did.  The reason for this is that the current real firearm Kriss Vector is a multi-caliber gun chambered in 9mm as well as 10mm thus they removed the caliber.  The triggers are different and there are minor differences between the designs of their stocks, namely their push button releases, however, they are both adjustable for length of pull, slightly.  There are some other minor differences like how the red paint used to show what firing mode you are in looks a little different and the “safe” indicator has a different icon.  


   Internally, the Vector AEG has an inner barrel that is 155mm long and 6.05mm in diameter.  All the internals are

compatible with Version 2 gear box parts with exception to its cylinder head and two part tappet plate.  The gun does feature both a MOSFET and a micro switch, however it does not regulate the cycle.  The MOSFET regulates the electric current while the micro switch is needed to regulate trigger pull due to its positioning and distance between the actual trigger, selector, and safety.  


   The Vector AEG features a quick change spring system.  You remove the bottom pins here and the spring and spring guide can easily be accessed.  The spring is any regular AEG spring so do keep that in mind


   The battery connector is the small tamyia type and you need to find a small enough battery to fit into the pistol grip as that is where the storage compartment is located.  There is also a fuse in this gun and its placed further up in the body so its out of the way of your battery’s wiring.  


   The hop up is the same style rotary hop as other Krytacs with very precise, tactile, feed back allowing you to adjust your hop up to exactly where you want it to be.  An interesting feature is that when you put the gun back on safe it releases the tension in your spring, this adds to the longevity of the gun.  Finally the magazine is at 95rd mid cap, not 102 high cap. 


   Optimally, when choosing a battery for the Vector AEG, you would like to consider a 7.4v 15C li-po battery.  However, the Vector is designed to be able to take standard 11.1s. 


   In case you missed it, don’t forget to check out the Vector AEG short film we did a little while ago, I am sure you will enjoy it! Watch it HERE!





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Founded in 1998, we are the first, largest and most reliable international retailer specializing in airsoft and wargame equipment.