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Product Review: TM SGR-12

August 21, 2017


   The Tokyo Marui AA 12 was an interesting yet necessary addition to the Airsoft world, with its extreme room and crowd clearing capabilities whilst running a monstrous 3000 round drum magazine, three inner barrels with their own individual hop up adjustment dial allowing BBs to spread as wide as , yet the only real issue I had with it, much like a Toyota Corolla, is that its square-ish and expressionless design made this boxy bulk look rather boring.


   If only the Corolla looked more hip and cool as well as it being reliable, it would have sold like milkshakes at the yard, which is why I’m glad Marui decided to give the AA-12 a complete refashioning, modernizing it, beautifying it. 

Imagine the AA-12 as a dorky looking, pimply man in the TV show ‘Beauty and the Geek’ and then was given a tactical, Marui makeover. It would probably end up looking like the SGR-12. 


   As you can plainly see, the SGR-12 is just a refurbished AA-12 as the shape and angles are very much the same. Marui has chiselled at the stock making it look as if the cheek rest could be raised and the stock could be retractable, but they can’t. The stock does have a small compartment for a Nicad battery using a small Tamiya plug, with a light that indicates whether the battery is running low or too powerful. 


   We now move forward to the lower receiver section and you’ll notice that it now has an M4 grip. The

placement of the selector hasn’t change, nor should it, but the style and the angle of which you use your thumb has been altered. Of course, you have safe, semi, and then F, which stands for Fun mode or full auto to most.


   The ambidextrous mag release, now taking on an AK format, is so much easier to deal with than that tiny knob previously used on the AA-12. You still have to slide it downwards but at least you have this fantastic looking 93 round, ergonomic magazine with a window that allows you to see the cartridges inside. 


   At the top, you’ll find teeny tiny flip up front and rear sights which sit on top of a rail section, a little too small for my liking if I’m honest. When flipped down, the tri dot affair is so low, that I have to dislocate my neck if I want to rest my cheek on it, or turn it 90 degrees to use the sights, but I may as well point it forward a little and shoot it like a storm trooper, not that I’ll hit anything that way.  This is a slight contrast to the Eifel tower that is the AA-12 original sights. I guess Marui purposely did it this way because they know you’ll add your own sight. Forward thinking.


   The charging handle no longer sits in between the two sights as it’s now been moved over to the left side. Pulling it back will open the dust cover, revealing the 3 hop up adjustment dials, though you still have to manually push it back forward. Still doesn’t really sound that appealing.

more threatening.  Now, it does sound like I’m belittling the AA-12 a fair bit but its performance definitely more than makes up for it.  



   The M-Lok rail system comes with 3 picatinny rail slots which is a nice addition. There is no point removing the flash hider because no one has come out with a replacement flash hider for a tri inner barrel shotgun. Hint, hint.  Now that I’m pretty much done comparing these two shotguns to other animals, I guess it’s time to chrono the thing.


   The AA-12 is like the everyday person. They works regular hours, eats normally, not thinking about their diet, maybe goes for a occasional morning jog since getting fit was a part of their year’s resolution. They do their job, and they do it right. 


   Now think of the SGR-12 as the vegan gym junky. They too are working full time jobs but instead of playing games when they get home, they go to the gym for hours on end and spend lots of money eating right. But, does the price justify the means? 


   What it all comes down to in the end is just deciding between the two. If you’re going for realism, the obvious choice will have to be the AA-12 because SGR-12 isn’t based on any real gun out there. The AA-12 is just fantastic as is, leaving destruction in its wake. The SGR-12 just looks better doing it. 


   Its bigger brother, the Thor’s Hammer, which is an inch or so longer than the SGR-12, is the only one based off of the gun in the latest Resident Evil game, but to get to it, you have to finish it and then purchase the gun from the in-game store. What a hassle.


   Find the SGR-12 Here!  For more cool products checkout our online store at

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Founded in 1998, we are the first, largest and most reliable international retailer specializing in airsoft and wargame equipment.