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Product Review: VFC Forging Series

September 22, 2017

   I have been an avid VFC user and supporter for quite sometime, even before joining Redwolf.  Looking back, while the company has been through some ups and downs when it came to their product development, they kept trying to improve their products in conjunction with listening to the demands form the community.  Today we are going to see the culmination of these improvements wrapped up in two beautiful GBBRs, the SOPMOD Block 2**(read below) and FSP. 


   When we talk about VFC two things come to mind: their attention to detail and quality of their products.  These two qualities are universally recognized when we are talking about them.  However, VFC has also been a polarizing brand, meaning people have very extreme stances when it comes to them, either love or hate.  


   Looking at these two guns, there’s something too be said about them.  The first thing I want to highlight is how good they look.  These two guns are made in the same image of their real steel

counter parts featuring fully licensed Daniel Defense rails and licensed Colt lower receivers.  Though the rail colors are a little darker compared to the more bronzy DD rails you see on the real steel guns the make quality is superb.  The weight of these two guns are spot on and dare I say they feel about the same as the DD MK18 I shot at shot show back in January.  One of the biggest draws of these guns is they are set up right out of the box to look like the issued guns you see MARSOC Raiders or Rangers use, so if you are building a gun to go along with your impression kit, these will probably be the best ones you can get your hands on.  


   Externally, other than the afore mentioned Daniel Defense rails, they both feature bird cage

flash hiders and are carbine length guns coming in at 14.5".  The SOPMOD Block II features KAC style flip up front and rear sights and the FSP comes with the triangle front sight and a flip up rear.  With how the FSP rail looks and how it wraps around the front, it looks very aggressive!  The middle portion of the gun is where these two guns are special.  The upper and lower receiver are forged.  They are made in the same way as real steel guns.  


   In the real steel world, this is a process they use to make their receivers.  In simple terms they super heat the metal and press the shape out like you would expect a black smith or sword maker to do when working with said metals.  So instead of just taking a regular upper and lower and using methods like dye casting, these are made in the SAME way as the real guns.  


   The selector and trigger are all located in the same place and are all fairly standard, down to the pistol grip.  Rounding out the issued rifle look it comes with the adjustable SOPMOD stock.  

   Both guns come with CNC high speed steel both carriers and they are FULL TRAVEL.  The bolt also features the ability to adjust the power output can up adjusted by using a small allen wrench that comes with each gun.  The only thing I am going to complain about is adjusting the hop up.  On several of VFCs recent guns they have made strides to improve the placement of where their hop up adjuster is placed.  However with both of these guns, it seems like they did not follow the same philosophy.  The adjuster is located under the barrel towards its base.  You need to remove the lower portion of the rail before you can even access it.  You can refer to this photo.  


   These two guns feature VFCs new gas magazines the V-Mag.  The V-Mags are improved

magazines made by VFC and they hold 30 rounds.  Efficiency wise, you can clear 2 magazines with one full charge (a combination of semi-auto shoots and burst shoots).


   Over the past years, VFC has gotten a bad rap before for some of their previous generation GBBRs but what we are starting to see is that they have made huge steps to improve the internal quality of their products to ensure higher tolerances.  Theres a laundry list of extra steel internals such as bolt catch, hammer and safety, selector lever sets, just to name a few.  Coupling all of this with how gas efficient they are now, you are getting a worthy product.  


  With all the positives about these guns the only real issue here (other then the annoying placement of the hop up adjustor) is the price.  These are not cheap guns, by any stretch of the imagination, they are slightly north of US$700.00.    While my American brethren might be rolling their eyes because a Ruger AR-556 MPR is only $899.00 we have to think about others in our community that will other wise never get a chance to own, no less hold, a real fire arm.  Yes its on the expensive spectrum but its worth the money you put in.  However, what do you guys think?  Let me know in the comments.  





   For these two guns and many more, check them out HERE on our online store.  If you want to watch the review I did, check that out HERE!   


**The gun's actual product is VFC Colt M4A1 RIS II.  I have been told to call it the MK18 and while I know its not entirely accurate, I hope you will all understand**


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Founded in 1998, we are the first, largest and most reliable international retailer specializing in airsoft and wargame equipment.