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Product Review: Cybergun SIG MCX AEG

November 17, 2017


   The SIG MCX really takes the approach of “similar but different” when it comes to how this gun looks and feels.  Originally designed to chamber 300BLK there are now variants that chamber in good old 5.56 thus making this particular gun “multi caliber” markings.  In Airsoft, this is an AEG but its something that’s been long requested by the community pretty much the moment it was seen in real life.  Even though the more popularly demanded choice is the MPX, the MCX looks pretty sexy.  In this overview we aim to help you decide whiter is this gun is all looks or there's more than what meets the eyes. 


   During Shot Show and IWA 2017 I have caught glimpses and shred some brief views of this gun when I was visiting the Cybergun booth.  Finally having the gun with us means we can finally go in-depth and to start things off, lets go over some quick externals.  From the shape of the gun, you see it closely resembles that of an AR patterned rifle and when you pick it up it feels very familiar.  The hand guard is aluminum and features keymod slots.  The hand guard itself looks quite wide but actually its not and how its shaped allows for you to comfortably use hand over bore holds if that is your preference.  The gun comes with a 3 prong flash hider which compliments the looks quite nice.  


   Moving towards the middle portion you will see all the corresponding markings as this is a

fully licensed AEG.  The switches are slightly redesigned from your standard AR controls but they don't drift too far away from the norm of what you would typically see, they are all easy to reach for and are all ambidextrous.  My only reservation is the magazine release here on the left side of the gun.  While it does work, it feels a little strange to press, I wager to guess its probably phycological.  



   The stock is telescoping and when completely collapsed it make this gun extremely compact.  If this style of stock is not to your liking, you can simply remove it to expose a picatinny rail section at the rear.  You can opt to mount a picatinny buffer tube adaptor to the rear of the MCX which will in turn allow you to use regular stocks of your choosing.  


   The gun being a more modern AEG it features a quick change spring system which can easily be accessed after removing the stock.  Simply use an allen wrench, press down and twist to expose the spring.  A second thing to note that you will be pleased to know about is that the MCX has a FET system in side so I am expecting fair performance out of it. 


   You will find that the gun being so compact regular stick type or candy type batteries (11.1v)  will not fit anywhere so you will either have to a PEQ box style battery or be content with strapping it on the side of your gun.  Alternatively you can choose to use tri-panel li-po batteries to fit in the hand guard.  However, you do need to bear in mind that since the batteries fit so snug you might risk puncturing or damaging the batteries.  


   Finally adjusting the hop up is as easy as pulling back the charging handle to expose the hop in the chamber as expected.


   The gun being compact feels extremely maneuverable and the trigger response is very on point.  The standard flip up front and rear sights work well with this gun and the ability to quickly deploy the stock is an added bonus.  The pistol grip is something I very much enjoy.  The shape is similar to what you see on some H&K rifles without the uncomfortable feeling in your palm.  Its slightly textured and its size is well balanced, not too big and not too small.  The only real "gripe" I have with this particular gun is no fault to the gun.  The gripe is I wish it was longer as in I wish it was the carbine version and not the SBR version we have here.  Its really only a personal preference.  


   The semi-auto shooting is snappy for an out of the box AEG and its full auto cycling is fair.  Not as laser beam as something like the ARP 9 form G&G but better than many others.  


   Being a very new gun design its good to see manufacturers making new guns as quickly as they can.  Not to mention seeing different real world agencies starting to pick up the real steel version of this said gun, its going to allow us to build new load outs and impression kits!  The MCX is really a breath of fresh air thats surprisingly well put together and good shooting.  Do let me know your comments blow. 



Check it out HERE on our online store or HERE for my video review!   


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Founded in 1998, we are the first, largest and most reliable international retailer specializing in airsoft and wargame equipment.