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2017 Year in Review

December 30, 2017

   As the year is coming to a close, we only find it right to recap some of the highlights of our year.  Can't exactly say "a lot" has happened this year but there certainly were some things worth looking at.  This is a two part series talking about both products and happening this year.


   To kick start things, there were two cool new license signings this year at RWA, Fortis MFG and Battle Arms Development.  While they are nothing new in the airsoft world, this year felt like a breakout year for these two brands.  The culmination of these came together early this year with the release of the RWA full GBBR kit for the TM MWS M4.  It was beautifully crafted and approved by both Fortis and B.A.D. so that ensured that customers got the most authentic versions of the products.  What you got in the package was the Fortis Switch Rail, outer barrel, upper and lower receiver, and the V.E.R.T. Stock.  This was the only if not the first truly fully upgraded kit for the MWS as the time, you could buy it and have pretty much everything you need to turn your MWS basic M4 to a swag blaster GBBR.  Though it would have been awesome to have an AEG or a full built gun GBBR version from this kit, we do hope that 2018 has more from these two licenses to come! 

   Moving away from the modern to a classic, the RWA Lee Enfield was finally released to the masses this year.  The long awaited Lee Enfield was probably one of the most anticipated rifles of 2017 with exception to maybe the Kriss Vector by Krytac (more on that later).  The well crafted bolt action gun has been something long sought after by collectors and reenacters alike.  


   The next gun is probably the single most long awaited gun for this year.  Of course its the Krytac Kriss Vector AEG.  What else can be said about the Vector, well, its the only licensed Vector to come out since the awesome GBBR from KWA came out several years ago.  The AEG was not only a looker but was a small feat of engineering as well.  How the components were put together in the Vector, it really gave the most authentic feel to an AEG one could ask for.  Not to mention the superb build quality and being made by Krytac which is a subsidiary of the Kriss Group that makes REAL firearms, the Vector is definitely one of the standouts for this year.  


    Other than the Vector there has been several great Cybergun offerings this year!  To name the top 3 that comes to mind is the Thompson, MCX, and Desert Eagle.  What a year it is to actually say "Cybergun is killing it".  But jokes aside, these three are actually very good examples of what we see Cybergun offering now a days which is a slightly more premium products.  All three of these products were extremely pleasant surprises that came out and it was awesome to test out.  Can't believe I have to say this...well done Cybergun. 


    Other than these, there were some very unique products too.  Namely the Kingsman pistol and the Avatar grenade.  Lets look at the Kingsman pistol first.  Very rarely are guns from movies this well made none the less work!  Its really a very close to the actual gun used to the movies all be it a little off but it was a great replica none the less!  A second very unique product is the Avatar grenade.  This very unique grenade design allows for the user to upgrade the grenade as needed or necessary given that situation.  This way you can have a truly modular product that is infinitely upgradeable as long as there are "skins" that come out that suit your needs. 


   This year has been quite interesting for all of us and it seems like the airsoft gods have brought us some cool things.  Of course there are more guns that came out this year that were notable like the offerings form TM like the Resident Evil guns as well as the SGR-12.  Other notable guns where the G3s that came out this year from LCT.  Honestly to the younger kids now a days they might not be naturally gravitated such an "older" school gun but its really through guns like those that help give us a better sense of the progression of the firearms industry.  


   For 2018, I do have a wish list.  First and foremost, I would like a gas blow back SIG MPX, that is my dream that I am holding on to.  I would also love to see a B.A.D. AEG complete gun, that would be awesome.  But before I start getting ahead of myself, what about you guys?  I bet there are some ideas you would all love to see in Airsoft.  Here's to hoping that there will be some cool guns next year!!


You can find all these products and many more at our online store HERE!


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Founded in 1998, we are the first, largest and most reliable international retailer specializing in airsoft and wargame equipment.