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May 28, 2018


   Little while ago I reviewed the AK12 by NPOAEG and it was a really cool gun really, but today we are going to talk about a NEW AK, THE AK12!!....OK I know what you are saying but trust me, this is ACTUALLY the ACTUAL AK12. 


   Whats different about this current AK-12 we are looking at compared to the one I talked about before?  Well, first, a small overview of this gun.  The version we have here is replicated from the gun that will be the next standard issue weapon for the Russian military going forward.  So that last one that we looked at, no matter how cool it was, is not going to be the next gun adopted by the Russians. 



   With that fun fact out of the way, there are actually several differences to this gun compared to the last one.  Starting from the front, the hand guard is quite different forms he previous one.  Though it does have rails on the bottom and top like the previous, the design does look different. 


   The second notable difference is the color of all the plastic parts on this gun.  On the previous AK12 it was more of a grey tone color where this one is all black.  


   Other notable differences is the magazine release.  This one here goes back to the standard release with the lever we see on all AKs and its sad it didn’t adopt the push finger lever they added before.  They also improved upon their fire selector slightly with the addition of an easy to reach tab for you to select between your different modes of fire!  But while talking about the firing modes, I have to say that unlike its real steel counter part, sadly it does not have the 2 round burst out of the box, but I am sure if you add programmers into this gun, you can get that desired effect.  The guy is semi, and auto only.  


   Final difference is the stock.  This one is very similar to the Magpul style MOE stock with a different butt pad.  Honestly i did like their old stock more but with this stock, at least you should be able to find other stocks that can fit the buffer tube.  I do have to say, the plastic on the butt stock where the butt pad is very  uncomfortable but it is Russian so I guess thats a reason?  


   The sights are fairly standard as you would expect from AK sights and its hop up position is fairly standard as to where you will find it.  This AEG indeeds runs the Version 3 gear box if you were wondering.  


   A standout feature, about this gun is going to be that its full steel so its going to be heavy.  However its ergonomics are very nice and with its larger pistol grip, makes this gun feel balanced and not too heavy either up front or in the rear but rather sits well right in the middle. 


   Finally looking at this gun you will once again appreciate how NPO makes their guns extremely raw.  You see all the brush marks in the steel, welding marks on the magazines, and where they did the filing,  trying to replicate the rawness seen on the AK platform of guns.  


   Here it is guys, this gun is supposed to the next standard issue weapon for Russia.  While I think there are lots of great modern moves on this AK I feel like some of the coolest and most forward thinking ideas they had on the previous AK-12 were rolled back for the older features seen on this current one.  What I believe happened was due to the fact that this gun is slated to be the next standard issue weapon it needs to be as simple to operate and as familiar to its operators as the older guns they were trained on, keeping the same manual of arms.  


   While there are certain things i wish this gun had from the previous like the stock and the magazine release, I still think where this rifle is going is in the right direction. 


   But what do you guys think?  You think this modern AK is the way to go or are you the “Nyat” rifle is fine no need rails.  Let me know all of that in the comment section below. 


   If you want to check out the video review I did for this AK-12, click HERE or if you want to check out the video I did on the previous AK-12, you can also click HERE


  If you are also looking other products, click HERE for our online store! 





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Founded in 1998, we are the first, largest and most reliable international retailer specializing in airsoft and wargame equipment.