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Product Review: Airsoft Innovations Master Mike

March 14, 2019

   The year was 2018 and it seemed like another regular year of cool guns and Gucci gear, until IT came along.  This innovative product  CAME ALONG AND DISRUPTED EVERY THNG!!!!!!  Termed by many as the most pain delivering device ever, it struck fear in the hearts of many to the point that fields even banned it (before seeing it for themselves).  In case you have not caught on to what I was talking about, its the Airsoft Innovations 40 Mike.   But Airsoft Innovations, as the company is aptly called, seems to have taken note of their notoriety, or some would say infamy,  and came up with something a little more humane – The Master Mike, you might think its the 40 Mike's BIG BROTHER, but you would be mistaken.


   As we all know, the 40 Mike was probably the most controversial product of 2018 (read above) while at the same time being incredibly innovative.  This combination created an explosive product, that on one hand got out right banned by an incredible amount of fields but on the other hand, with all the banning, it created higher demand for it (because we all know, the more people ban something, the more we want it).  Originally designed for outdoor use at intermediate to longer distances, people started using the 40 Mike up close and in CQB nonetheless, making for some horrific images circulating on the internet about the aftermath it created.  This turned into a small dilemma for Airsoft Innovations as they had a killer product but there weren’t a whole lot of places a player could use it. 


   Previously I mentioned that you’d be wrong to think that the Master Mike is the 40 Mike’s big brother.  The name would imply it would be so but it’s more like the little brother with less FPS, same spread, yet more useable at closer distances.  Think of it like this: instead of being knocked out by a Mike Tyson you are knocked out by a Conor McGregor.  Packs a mean punch but just a little less over-powering.  But is it what the 40 Mike SHOULD have been from the get go?  We aim to find out, lets go! 


   The construction of the Master Mike is the same as the 40 Mike, its got a metal body and fits most all 40mm grenade launchers.  To expound on this, the Master Mike will actually fit more launchers than the 40 Mike as its a shorter unit so some M203s with length issues will no longer be a problem of loading the Mike into the chamber.  The Master Mike uses green gas and comes with one handy safety cover to protect yourself from it accidentally going off, if you some how depress the firing pin on the bottom. Other than its blue label, it looks about the same. 


   The Master Mike uses the same technology found in the 40 Mike, the Airsoft Innovations “Quantum Drive”  If you didn’t know what this black magic does, it allows you to take that 100 round capacity and dump it down range in the blink of an eye, around a 1/3 of a second.  Think of it as a full auto rifle that shoots 300 rounds per second but with horrible accuracy and sprays BBs everywhere.  With the lowering of the round count, the Master Mike is also a much easier unit to reload allowing you to be able to get back into the fighter faster.  


   Seeing that the 40 Mike's main concern was delivering TOO much pain with it‘s claim of the “Most Joules Per Trigger Pull” A.I. (Airsoft Innovations) lowered the FPS for the Master Mike from 240 to 220 but kept the same effective range.  Let me explain:


   The 40 Mike needed roughly 100ft or 30m of space to achieve its 10ft or 3m spread.  Which seems fair, until you put this into a CQB situation and you end up delivering a funnel of concentrated carnage. The Master Mike does this MUCH better.  It can achieve its 10ft or 3m spread in 20ft or 6m. Meaning you can reach maximum effective spread at a much shorter distance all the while allowing you to hit more people at the same time, and with less pain.

   If you haven't yet, check out the video review we did for it:

   So should THIS have been the 40 Mike from the beginning?  I personally don’t think so, hear me out:  The 40 Mike serves a great purpose which was to deliver a high volume of rounds at an intermediate or longer distance and it can cover a lot of ground quickly while holding a relatively tight pattern out to 30m/100ft before it spreads completely out.  That makes the 40 Mike incredibly effective for outdoors play, taking care of larger groups of advancing enemies or if you need to lay down quick suppressive fire, the Master Mike, can’t do this quite as effectively.  The Master Mike is truly a killer for indoor play, and its 220 FPS is humane enough to where you are not going to cause serious injury yet strong enough for your opponents to feel it when shot.  Not only that, but for slightly confined spaces, you get a very large spread at a much closer distance which in turn can allow you to really clear a small to medium sized room with one will placed blast.  Really being less but getting more.


   But is this enough to convince fields that the Master Mike is a safer alternative to the 40 Mike?  Or will they just blindly ban it as another weapon of mass destruction?  Let’s hope they see the reasoning behind this blue little devil and allow people to use it, because it truly brings another dimension to gameplay and makes it more interesting.  Of course, at the end of the day it will be in the hands of the players to use this product responsibly but I firmly believe that Airsoft Innovations has listen to the community and delivered STRONG on the Master Mike.


   Still prefer Mike Tyson for your outdoor games, then you can go check out my review of the Master Mike’s big brother, the 40 Mike HERE   


   But what do you guys think?  Should the Master Mike have been their product form the start?  Or do you agree with me, different tools for different situations?  Let me know in the comments, lets get the conversation going! 


   Haven't gotten yours yet?  Pick yours up at our online store by simply clicking HERE

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Founded in 1998, we are the first, largest and most reliable international retailer specializing in airsoft and wargame equipment.