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Product Review: Umarex MP5 SD3

March 29, 2019

   So did you know the last time we did any serious review on the MP5 was actually 10 years ago?  10 Years can be a long time for anything and seeing that the last review for the MP5 we did  was so long ago, what better time to do one than now with the latest GBBR MP5 SD3?  


   The MP5 SD is a suppressed version of the MP5 and its just as iconic as the rest of the MP5 line.  The variant we have with us today is the SD3 version and if you wondered “are there other variants to the SD line as well, seeing this is the 3?” You would be right, the names go all the way up to an SD6 and the SD3 shares design similarities with said gun, which means it uses an SEF fire selector and it comes with a metal collapsible stock.  The SEF fire control group was also what was found on the MP5s used in the Iranian Embassy Siege.     


   The MP5s are definitely on that icon status and shares that level of notoriety with other guns such as the AK and the M16.  Culturally we have seen it in many movies and it was probably Die Hard that made it the most recognizable, though some might argue it was the AUG that stole the show, but thats an argument for another day.  For the SD, the movie that sticks out to me the most was the classic Samuel L Jackson and Kevin Spacey movie, the Negotiator.  The MP5 SD was featured prominently along with some other cool guns during its time and personally thats the one that left the most lasting impression on me. 


   The airsoft version is of course, as you would expect, is a very faithful replica and it uses an “early type” lower receiver, more on that further in the review. 

   The gun is a Umarex gas blowback made by VFC.  Fit and finish is what we have come to expect from Umarex licensed GBBRs and everything looks pretty spot on.  Now I have been asked several times before, “is this the same on as the ‘Elite Force’ H&K airsoft gun”?  The answer is yes, so this is also the Elite Force H&K MP5 SD3 GBBR.  Wouldn’t it be nice to just have the same name across the board, it would simply eliminate confusion. 


   The gun features the traditional H&K style sights we are accustom to seeing and like mentioned earlier it comes with that metal collapsible stock.  The magazine is a 30rd-er and the design is quite nice too as its made to look like it can hold in your rounds with the lips on both sides. 


   While the shape looks traditional or classic, that does not mean you can’t mount extra accessories to this gun.  You can find low profile picatinny rail mounts for the gun to mount different red dots or holo sights to the gun for added accuracy.  I have also checked in with VFC and the Tokyo Marui claw mount should also fit as well.   


   Internally is the gun is an upgrade over the one that came out years ago and its built upon the later successes of the the Umarex SMG line such as the UMP 9.  Some notable internal upgrades include a high flow piston and redesigned magazine internals which translate to better gas efficiency, higher felt recoil, and easier repairs.  Taking this one step further, the gun is compatible with a few G3 parts as well, namely: the steel hammer, steel trigger, and steel trigger sears.


   Now lets get back to something i mentioned earlier, I did say that this gun is called and considered an “early version” and has some differences from some current MP5.  Here is Gambit’s MP5 SD and you can see from the body here its quite different as it uses the more currently recognizable NAVY group.  This is the A3 or SEF group, which means Sicher – SAFE, Einzelfeuer – Single Fire, and Feuerstoss – Fire (Auto)- in German - is still used by some militaries and law enforcement agencies (notably the German police) around the world and There are still some benefits to the SEF group.  While it doesn’t have the ability to shoot burst mode, its selector is stiffer and longer, making each selection feel more positive and less likely to loose its position when in said selection.

   Finally you adjust the hop up by simply pulling back the charing handle and you can adjust it with the LONG and THING allen key that comes with the gun.


   Ok, so the last video we did was literally on an MP5 was literally 10 years ago, if you REALLY feel like you need to check that one out click HERE  but I would personally rather you check out the UMP 9 video I did a while back, now THAT was a fun SMG to play with, for that video, click HERE.  


   The MP5 has always been kind of the measuring stick to which all other SMGs are measured by.  Whither it be ergonomics, functionality, or usability, the MP5 has been the standard bearer for decades.  The airsoft version here pay homage to said legend and for those that might have been reserved about this gun, I hope this review has been helpful to give you better insight.  


   Are there things I don’t prefer?  Yes, personally I do like the more current version of the grip because while the thumb rest on we see here is nice, people with smaller hands might find it slightly uncomfortable.  And while I like the larger selector its a little on the stiff side for my liking but I am not too big a fan of the small selector, but I am just knit picking now.  Over all the gun is exactly what its supposed to be, an unapologetic MP5 and that in and of itself is good enough for me.  But what do you guys think lets get the conversation going! 


   If this guy here caught your fancy don't forget to check it out HERE

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Founded in 1998, we are the first, largest and most reliable international retailer specializing in airsoft and wargame equipment.