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June 10, 2019

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Product Review: PTS Radian Model 1GBBR

April 26, 2019


When it comes to GBBRs you get a platform that offers you the highest amount of realism no matter if it be function, operation, and feeling.  Due to this, often people consider using them as training platforms.  


Over the years we have seen the rise of many MANY very good gas blowback rifles from the likes of VFC, GHK, Inokatsu, Tokyo Marui and of course KWA.  They all had their advantages and of course some short comings but all in all they aim to deliver the most realistic experience you can get outside of shooting real steel. 


While some may think “man, another M4?” I would implore you to just stay with me a little because this fully licensed gun from Radian Weapons has got a few tricks up its sleeve that breaks the mold of just being “a boring old M4” 


Lets see if PTS has made the BEST training GBBR with their latest offering. 


The PTS Radian Model 1 GBBR.  Radian formerly known as “AXTS” is considered one of the top tier weapons manufactures in the United States and probably one of their most recognizable products is their charging handle, the Raptor.  


While it may yet be “another” M4/AR15, there are some interesting bits about this guy that should peak the interest of some of you, no matter you are an AR guy or not, more on that later. 


Looking at the externals of the gun its extremely clean looking, everything seems to blend together nicely in a streamlined  fashion.  The gun is a 14.5” rifle and sports an M-Lok rail system that  is free float and is bolted on so don’t expect any shifting.  The rail then sits quite flush with the upper receiver giving it a monolithic look.  


The lower receiver is billet style and features really cool ambidextrous controls, ALSO more on that later.  Finally, being a PTS gun it will features some of the PTS accessories such as flip up front and rear sights, their pistol grip, and stock.  


The weight feels evenly distributed in the gun and doesn’t feel at all too heavy.  The rail is smooth and at the right diameter so its not too big or too slim to grab a hold of.  There is something to be said about the PTS furniture as well.  The stock is very nice and being their compact stock, it fits the look of the gun quite well.  Personally i am a die hard Magpul CTR stock guy but this EPS-C from PTS feels quite nice to shoulder.  The pistol grip is nicely checkered and feels good in hand, i would prefer it to be a little wider but thats just me, its by no means a slim grip.  Their flip up front and rear sights are clear and click into place very positively. 


Now lets talk about that lower receiver.  Being a fully licensed product, not only do you get all the marking goodies but also the functions as well form the Radian A-DAC lower receiver.  Not only is this gun full Ambi in control but they are very well thought out in placement and design.  


Think about shooting off hand, their left side bolt release is enlarged and can easily be accessed with your trigger finger, same on the opposite side.  The gun also sports a very cool added feature to help with keeping your bolt held open.  If you hold down the magazine release and pull back the charging handle, the bolt locks open.  This is a great added feature which allows you to easily access the hop up chamber or check for malfunctions or whatever on the fly without having to awkwardly take your gun and hold the bolt open by using the bolt release.  


As i just mentioned you will find the hop up right here in the front of the chamber and you can adjust it with the tool that comes with each gun. 


The gun runs the KWA system so in terms of recoil impulse you can expect a lot of fun there, but that also means ALL of the nice things i said about it being balanced in terms of weight *inserts magazine* being thrown right out the window, why are KWA mags SO HEAVY.  These are also the PTS gas EPMs.  


The PTS Radian Model 1 is a very tight package, it shoots well and feels like a very nimble gun, only downside is the heavy weight of the magazines.  I also wish they would have added one of their cool Griffin Armament licensed PTS flash hiders to this gun because its just too good looking for a generic bird cage flash hider.  But other than that, the gun is pretty solid. 


I did pose the question, is this the best training GBBR?  I would say that if you want to train yourself to go fast and take your weapons manipulations to the next level, then i think this platform is great for that, all be it you will then find other M4s a bit dated with its lack of convenient controls.  But does its forward thinking controls make it the BEST?  Best is a big word, but i would say its definitely up there.  But what do you guys think?  If you are interested in watching the video review, you can click HERE or you can click HERE to check it out on our online store. 

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Founded in 1998, we are the first, largest and most reliable international retailer specializing in airsoft and wargame equipment.